You have to be yourself

Online dating gives us the opportunity to meet a wider group of people than any other way to date. This is an indisputable fact. It is also true that we are in control over our dating on the Internet. Other problems that we encounter under normal dating are remain unchanged, also in the world of online dating. Sometimes a new problems appear which is the effect of the facilities used by dating websites in order to facilitate our live. This includes anonymity in the web and the need to well describe yourself.

Anonymity is security and challenge

On the one hand, anonymity is one of the most important things that every dating website provides for us. We are finally going into the dating ocean and we are physically unable to go out with anyone who will ask us. We must decide why we will choose person number one, not person number two. In the same dilemma are the men looking for women on the dating website. We do not know, so our only chance to make a first impression is take a look at the picture and description of the other person. But the thing about it is that choosing a picture and brief description of yourself is a bit of a challenge. On the picture we want to look good but we have to be careful not to look too good, so that we will have a problem there to recognize ourselves. Despite appearances, this is a very real threat. After posting such a picture, at the first meeting, the first person we鈥檝e met may have surprised and disappointed.

Do I want children? Am I fat?

To these questions and many others we have to answer for ourselves by filling the profile prepared for us by dating websites. Our online dating or rather the selection of people for such meetings, will be based on the content contained therein. Sometimes we may be tempted to say something dishonest about yourself. For example, reading one volume of Szymborska’s poetry will not make us a fan of poetry yet. Let’s try to write the truth without coloring because this approach will make the dating website find us a person interested in us and not some non-existent person we will create.

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