Truly love

In life we can set very different goals, look for unusual values ​​and finally look for fulfillment in many ways. However, there is no higher form of being from the existence of the love. True, pure form of love is not only a reflection of a romance, an impenetrable idea to it pursued, but we all realize that such a thing does not really exist. True love is not a fashion, stage of life or way of spending time.

Love is a cure for the soul and way, by which we can live fully. It is a quintessence ourselves and allows us to total liberalization of all what is bad in our life. This is the forgiveness and understanding. It may be hard to understand this for many people because the true love is not something that may be supposed or what we can control. There are feelings, emotions and certainly not simple being in love. We can easily fall in love, fascinate someone but open to a true love is something completely different, is challenging challenge on a different level. When Polish women appears, there is no place in our life for any other emotions.

Unfortunately, the desire to pure love is a difficult and serious challenge because it is not natural and simple state for us. Even if we are surrounded by love in out lifetime, there are different types of love. This is initially  This is something strange and even some terrible for us. We feel uncertain in it because we always idealise our partner. This person is amazing for us and we are not worth of such person. There is a fear of rejection, uncertainty and sometimes manipulation.

Life becomes a competition in different ways and we even get a copy of our behavior in our partner’s activities. Then we are angry but that feeling is fleeting. You can not be bad for the person you love and all the above expressions of our love are not pure love. This is our fear against her and inability to fully open up for her. Love is in us and just you have to let her take over, do not afraid of the consequences that it can bring. True love will never make us profession. Any wise definition of the duality of love or its complexity can be put between the fairytales. They have nothing to do with true love.

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