Right choice of the right person

Finding the right person is not easy, especially when we have very special expectations. We will not go into details here but many of us are un-picky regarding the find a new partner even when it comes to online datings, not to mention of the classic dates. If our dates are often unsuccessful and many people are unfamiliar, it certainly means that the search strategy as we have practiced is quite irrelevant.

More choice

Let’s not kid ourselves – finding a partner is no different than purchase of used car. It sounds brutal but there are a lot of analogy. First of all, we make the first impression by looking, we are check the “engine sound”, we make a “test ride” and then decide to “purchase”. Our classic dates often look alike, we take ” car” the first in line and then we are dissatisfied. If we put dating websites, there will be a whole bunch of new, interesting proposals in our environment and we’ll really have a choice in potentially interesting people because we’ll know some important details about them at the first impression, so we do not have to risk disappointment anymore.

Better choice

We continue our analogy is compared the dating portal with the car dealership and as it turns out, it is extremely accurate. If we look further, it turns out that this analogy is really great because for choosing dating websites we will have the same agenda as in the case of a visit in the commission. If we do not want a person who after a month of connections starts talking about kids or starts and ends a day with a packet of cigarettes, a dating website will allow us to exclude such people.

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