Opposites attract truth or myth

It is said that the opposite attract but is it really in fact that people with completely different temperament and life ideas are able to create a successful relationship? This is unlikely. People of similar character are best suited to each other.

Psychology theory distinguishes four types of character. The first is the choleric, so means impetuous persons with a tendency to dominate. In a sense, their opposite are phlegmatics, ie people who are not oriented towards domination, calm and balanced, observers more focused on reaction than action. Many of us are melancholy so means sensitive pessimists who play up  in the clouds. There are also sangwinicy among us. They are cheerful and sociable, extroverts who may have problems in the material sphere.

Compounds can be built either symmetrically or in a complementary way. In symmetric relationships, the characters are very similar, the partners agree with each other. However, this is not a guarantee of successful living. In complementary relationships comes to the complement partners. He can calm her and she push him into action or she cures him of pessimism, and he does not let her play up  in the clouds. These types of relationships, however, are sometimes toxic, especially if a strong imbalance occurs in a relationship and one partner surrenders to another.

There is no denying the fact that opposites actually attract. The knot in attracting and creating solid relationships is two completely different issues that can only be reduced to one denominator at the beginning. Newly established relationships with people of other characters usually develop well because the partners are curious each other and continue it until they discover their functional incompatibility. It is worth starting out in the beginning of such a relationship to determine your long-term expectations which allows you to quickly break the knowledge leading up an unacceptable direction for one partner.

On the other hand, relationships based on similarities tend to develop slowly and duration but this is just enough. The true relationship is based on two people who do not lose themselves, they create a new common existence without sacrificing their own identity.

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