Make new friends on dating websites

Dating websites used only to find the other half, which we could get on the “wedding carpet”. Until recently, dating websites were only used for dating. Today, the most important thing is simply to make friendships, expand new contacts, appointments for online datings that do not always have to be completed on a real date. On the dating websites can find people with similar passions or make lasting friendships for years. The knot in the fact that you first have to make contact and not everyone knows how to take it.

The simplest method

Many people think that the best are casual and unplanned relationships. Such people use the portal search by selecting people from their neighborhood and age or excluding people with a specific profile (for example lonely people with children or smokers), such information enter the search and use a narrow sources of profiles displayed. It is simple, easy and surprisingly effective provided that a personalized message is posted to each person. Sending the same vague email to many people usually does not work.

Passive method

Another method is wait until someone else writes to us. Just add your profile, add an interesting picture and wait. It turns out that even a completely empty profile will attract some interested people after a long time but it is worth to put in on entry of several data, just a picture and two words about yourself to make the profile look changed to more interesting.

Practice makes perfect

Regardless of whether we use the simplest methods, or whether we will use some more complex partner matching mechanisms, at the beginning it is worth to practice your interpersonal skills. Our correspondence can answer a dozen percent of the addressees and do not be discouraged. Let’s send them to different people also those we probably will never meet. Let’s talk to them, maybe we flirt and get to know the secrets of the portal. The first contact may seem a bit strange and unnatural but over time it will be easier and more important, much more pleasant. Then you can write freely to people with whom we would actually have a chance to meet once.

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