Ideal of male beauty

When the ideal of beauty is discussed, it is always about the women beauty. This is definitely an interesting topic because it shows us how men have imagined an ideal partner for centuries, and then how women have defined themselves, of course, in terms of the male viewpoint. In the olden days, there was not anything like the ideal of a man who would derive from the erotic fantasies of women. He was rather an ideal of model and class. At the very least the muscular figure was mentioned. And that’s all. Revision of guys from real events can only be done in recent years when taking care of looks has become not only fashionable but has become a demand. Everything started with metrosexual men.


Metrosexuality is a phenomenon we met in the nineties. The name is derived from a combination of metropolis and sexuality because such men appeared early in the global metropolis. The key element of their creation is sensitivity. He is a man who was able to cry, he was delicate so he liked his hairdresser and allowed him to stylize his hair, he didn’t mind the cosmetics which borrowed from his woman and then created his own. The metrosexual man was forced, blasé and sometimes resembled eighteenth-century British aristocrat – powdered and in a ridiculous wig. The end of the macho era which dominated this planet outside.

Retro-sexual and hipsters

Taking care of the look made the men begin to fall in love with each other. Retrospective was the first manifestation. Less musculature but eclectic references to past epochs, mustaches, tattoos and suspenders – it all had a retro-sexual, admirer of women and cognac but no marriage. Hipster is a step further. Maximum individualism transferred to the absolute absurd level. Modernity, ecology, socially important issues and clothing stolen from the homeless.


But the women got tired of it. This way, the lumbersexual type was first created, which was a hipster, but certainly masculine. He had an ax and a lush beard. The neosexual man, the latest invention, is still a little metrosexual, but he no longer shares cosmetics with a girl and does not cries more than her.

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