Ideal of feminine beauty

Women can stand on their head to make their appearance closer to the ideal. There are no shortage men whose preferences concerning the appearance of a potential partner are very precise and do not intend to compromise here. And the one and the second attitude is very much less serious because the ideal of feminine beauty is a matter of…fashion. Yes, fashion, because until recently it was possible to say that this is the result of culture and today in principle can not escape from the fact that we are dealing simply with fashion. The ideal of beauty changes on average every decade and can not be ignored.


The first canon of beauty that has survived to this day is the paleolith figurines. We learn from them that the head was not particularly important and it was just to the woman to have her. There were very prominent breasts, not at all firm, tailored to their size belly and interesting, quite successful. All this was supposedly providing the great fertility of the woman. In later centuries the images of women were very different. There were, among others, corsets that were supposed to create a wasp waist. At the same time, big hair structures were erected on the heads and underneath the waist was created a splash of even a negligible size. On the way there were, of course, Rubensian shapes, that is big breast, belly and wide hips. Through all these turbulences we reached the first image of a modern, so-called Gibson Girl.

Gibson girl and rebellion against her

Gibson was a nineteenth-century cartoonist who created an ideal of beauty based on a prominent, firm breasts and narrow waist-length corset. Head hair were tied up, usually dark. Such style survived until the twenties, when the tomboy with a small bust hourglass on the waist was dominating. Hairstyle on bob was the foundation.

Back and forth

From the 1930s through the eighties, the ideal of woman was swinging from tomboy to shapely body, such as Marylin Monroe. In the 21st century, we were rather athletic. Jane Fonda started it, then an anorectic style heroine chic from the nineties and today we have again returned to the fashion for strong and athletic bodies. There is no fat on them but there are rounds built by the muscles. Bust is natural, slim thighs, and dynamic hairstyles.

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