How to pick up woman – 6 proven ways

1 – Show that you are doing good – Nothing is more detrimental to women than a 30 or 40 year old man who lives with parents and spends the afternoon playing on a computer. Women love leaders, so think about what you can do to gain a better position in your work and surroundings. So called “good party” is a man who can hold a family and has a head on his shoulders.

2 – Show that you have passion – women love men with whom they will not be bored so you should find yourself an interesting hobby.

3 – Take care of yourself – regular visits to the gym, taking care of your hygiene and the dentals match and health will contribute positively to your appearance. You should also invest in clothes in which you look good and in good cosmetics.

4 – Defeat shyness by talking to women in the environment – the first step of a successful relationship is your self-confidence. If you are approaching women in your neighborhood every day and talking to them – it will be natural for you. Books often recommend talking with strangers which can also be a way to strengthen self-confidence. Chatting through a dating portal is also counted.

5 – Keep positive attitude to the world – no woman will be with a guy who constantly complains, blames it on others and thinks that all oppose him. Positive attitude is the basis for dealing with others. Be known as an open person and change who takes responsibility for your actions.

6 – Kidding – women instinctively cling to a guy who can amuse the company. It’s not about acting like a clown and trying to make yourself or someone else a laughing. An intelligent joke or a reference to a book or movie that you both know makes you present yourself as an intelligent person. If a woman does not laugh at your jokes, it may mean that she is not interested in you.

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